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Multifunctional rotating heat press 40х50 cm (8 in 1) Flat heating element 40х50 cm Heating element for cylindrical mugs 5-7 cm Heating element for cylindrical mugs 7.5-9 cm Heating element for latte mugs 12 oz Heating element for latte mugs 17 oz Heating element for plates 12 cm Heating element for plates 15 cm Heating element for baseball hats

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High quality semi-automatic heat press can be used for transferring the images onto various surfaces - textile, metal, ceramics, puzzles, mouse pads, mugs, etc. Compact size and digital adjustment of settings for easy use. Perfect for small and medium size transfers, equipped with a microprocessor to control time and temperature. For medium and high volume batches. Specialized equipment for producing individually designed souveniers.

The data is being displayed on a LCD and is constantly being updated. The pressure can be adjusted manualy.

Teflon coated - perfect for thermal transfer. Durable construction, high precision assembly and thought-through ergonomics guarantee many years of problem-free use.



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