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The Lomond company works at the Russian market since 1998. Production under the Lomond brand gained wide recognition of users thanks to a unique ratio price/quality. Today inkzhetny Lomond papers occupy more than 50 % of the segment of the market. Thus the company annually doubles production sales volumes that in 3 times exceeds rates of a natural increase of the market. The range (including also cartridges, ink and toners) makes about 500 positions. Soon it will be increased, at least on 25 %. Lomond experience in Russia completely confirmed an appreciation of prospects of the Russian market. At the same time, volumes of consumption of paper per capita in Russia still in tens times are lower, than in Japan and the USA. Continuous improvement and reduction of the cost of printers will lead soon to essential growth of these volumes Therefore, since 2003 the Lomond company considerably intensifies the presence at Russia. It is expressed, first, in expansion about updating of the product range and, secondly, in high-quality increase of level of support of the Russian user.



LOMOND с 1 марта поднимает на 8% отпускную цену на рулоны для инженерных работ линеек «Стандарт»


LOMOND расширил линейку форматных бумаг для струйной печати пятью новыми артикулами матовой


LOMOND предоставляет большие возможности в творчестве — причем в прикладном его направлении.


LOMOND максимально заинтересована в том, чтобы наша продукция для печати полностью отвечала запро

В наличии готовые позиции серии «Эко»:

Бумага PAPYRUS предназначена для полноцветной печати водорастворимыми чернилами на струйных принт




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