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DURA Brite Ultra Ink®
Ink type: 
Pigment inks
Compatible devices: 

Для принтеров: Epson®Stylus C79/ C90/ C91/ C92/ C110/ C120/ CX3900/ CX3905/ CX4300/ CX4900/ CX4905/ CX5000/ CX5500/ CX5501/ CX5505/ CX5510/ CX5600/ CX5900/ CX6000/ CX6900F/ CX7000F/ CX7300/ CX7310/ CX7400/ CX8300/ CX8400/ CX9300F/ CX9400Fax/ CX9475/ D78/ D92/ D120/ DX4000/ DX4050/ DX4400/ DX4450/ DX5000/ DX5050 / DX6000/ DX6050/ DX7000F/ DX7400/ DX7450/ DX8400/ DX8450/ DX9400F/ S20/ S21/ S22/ SX100/ SX110/ SX115/ SX125/ SX130/ SX200/ SX205/ SX210/ SX215/ SX230/ SX234W/ SX400/ SX405/ SX410/ SX415/ SX420W/ SX430W/ SX435W/ SX438W/ SX425W/ SX440W/SX445W/ SX510W/ SX515W/ SX525WD/ SX535WD/ SX600FW/ SX610FW/ T10/ T11/ T20/ T21/ T20E/ T23/ T26/ T27/ T1100/ TX100/ TX101/ TX102/ TX103/ TX105/ TX106/ TX109/ TX110/ TX112/ TX113/ TX117/ TX119/ TX200/ TX203/ TX209/ TX210/ TX213/ TX 219/ TX220/ TX228/ TX300F/ TX400/ TX409/ TX410/ TX419/ TX510FN/ TX550W/ TX710W/
NX100/ NX115/ NX200/ NX215/ NX300/ NX305/ NX400/ NX415/ NX515
Stylus Ofice T30/ T33/ T40W/ T1100/ T1110/ TX300F/ TX510FN/ TX515FN/ TX550W/ TX600FW/ TX610FW/ B24WD/ B40W/ BX300F/ BX305F/ BX310FN/ BX320FW/ BX600FW/ BX610FW/ BX625FWD/ BX635FWD/ B1100
Stylus WorkForce 30/ 40/ 310/ 500/ 600/ 610/ 1100/WF-7015/ WF-7515/ WF-7525
WorkForce Pro WP-4015DN/ WP-4025DW/ WP-4515DN/WP-4525DNF/ WP-4535DWF
B-300/ B-310N/ B-500DN / B-510DN
L100/ L200 Для картриджей: Epson®T0684##, T0694##, T0714##, T0734##, T0734N##, T0884##, T0894##, T0914##, T0924##, T0924N##, T1034##, T1054##, T1084##, T1284##, T1294##, T1304##, T1004, T1034, T6164, T6174

Bulk ink - yellow

Full description

Pigment Brilliat Ink LE09 were developed for high performance on plain paper. These pigment inks provide vibrant and saturated colors on everyday office paper. LE09 ink structure is very different to normal dye-based ink. Pigment particles of LE09 are coated by special protective polymers which allows to enhance durability of the printouts significantly.The printed image is water proof, scratch resistant and instant dry. The quality and the durability of the printouts are similar to the ones on the laser devices.
The image is dry instantly and can be touched right after being printed. Highlighting marker can be used with the printed text.
Text will remain sharp and bright.
The water resistant qualities are also extremely good. A glass of water accidentally spilled over the document is no longer a problem! The image will remain intact. Just dry the printout!
Ozone and UV resistance is extremely important in the photo market. The printed photos are usually stored in photo album or photo frames. Over time the colors can become dull. With the new Lomond LE09 it is no longer a problem - the latest test show that depending on the storing conditions the lifetime of the printout can reach 200 years!



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